It all started with a stolen magic spell…

“Come back here at midnight, Ricky…”

Eleven-year-old Ricky watches in stunned silence as those words magically appear in the stars during a show at the Chicago Space Museum. But why can’t anyone else see the message? And why must he bring Jello?

His teenage sister, Allie, follows him back to the theater at midnight. They’re both whisked through a secret door in the sky to the kingdom of Galdoren, where they quickly befriend a mischievous star and make a powerful enemy of Queen Glacidia, a one-eyed witch obsessed with escaping the frozen realm she rules.

In a race against time to reach a castle riddled with secrets, the siblings will encounter a magic carpet with a terrible sense of direction, a cowardly dragon, a hero in a flying wheelchair, and a candy farm brimming with fields of exploding Red Hots.

Will that scruffy teen alchemist, Henry, be able to master his spell book in time to help? And will Ricky ever get the hang of flying, or will he forever be banging his head against the light fixtures?

The Door in the Sky will transport you to a world overflowing with magic, breathless adventure, and laugh-out-loud humor. Each cliff-hanging chapter will keep you reading well past your bedtime and burning up the batteries to your book light.

We are thrilled to announce that The Door in the Sky has been nominated for a Cybils Award! It has also been nominated for two other very prestigious awards, whose names must remain secret for now. Look for a special announcement in the coming months!

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