I Have To Write a What?

I thought I was done. I mean, I wrote my book, I edited it, I published it. Done, right? Wrong!  Because in addition to my book, I also have a publicist. And you know what you get when you put the two together? Baby books that market themselves? No! You get a website. And a blog. And a Twitter account. And a GoodReads account. And a LibraryThing account. And a Google+ account. And a Pinterest account. And a Starbucks gift card (she is a very nice publicist). And a Facebook profile. Even my book has its own facebook page (it’s in a committed relationship, in case you are wondering. And its favorite band is One Direction).

But back to my onslaught of social media. Apparently, it’s not enough to just have a blog. I’m expected to write in it. I seriously cannot fathom why anyone would have any interest in my day-to-day life, but I am just the tiniest bit afraid of my publicist (she may be petite, but she’s also kind of scary).

So please read my blog. And “like” my book’s Facebook page (after seeing how many subscribers that Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Betty White’s new book has, it is experiencing a sudden bout of low self-esteem). At least poke it.