The Windy City

Last week, the Powerball jackpot was so high that I couldn’t resist buying a ticket, even though I’m broke (no one has ever accused me of being a financial genius). So I drove to the gas station, grabbed some money, and started walking to the cashier. But then a giant gust of wind came and blew the cash right out of my hands! I started chasing it into the street until I realized that four bucks probably wasn’t worth losing my life over.

On the way back to my car, a thought struck me — I’m always hearing people say, “Instead of playing the lottery, why don’t you just throw your money directly into the wind?” So I started laughing, and couldn’t stop giggling all the way back to my car. A woman at the nearest pump was staring at me like I was nuts, and I noticed she clutched her purse a little more tightly as I passed by. Nobody won the Powerball that week, so I’m on my way to buy another ticket. But this time, I’m holding onto my money. At least until I give it to the cashier for a one-in-twenty-billion chance to win. What? Someone has to win! Or if they don’t, then it just means that much more money is up for the taking next week!

I really can’t understand why I’m broke.